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Freawind Forest is named after 'Frea' meaning "Protective" in Drindylan elvish. The forest was seen as a safe-haven when the barbarians of FrostFire attempted a raid on Skrimwell in the Landsdown province. Now, the forest is no more protective than any other land, as the good races of Freawind struggle to battle the many conflicts plaguing their home. Freawind borders SwampShadow in the north and Landsdown to the east making it the most southwest region in Crownsrock. Freawind Forest has been sectioned off to three areas. Ungulu the tropical jungle kingdom, Drindylan the temperate forest kingdom, and Dusk also known as The Dead Forest.

Ungulu was once a home to most of the half-elves in the realm, a peaceful race dedicated to the protection of their forest homeland. A small council of druids known as the Roots were seen as the leaders of the Ungulu half-elves. Over time, the Roots became more and more fanatical, and every generation another one of their modest councillors would leave, disappear or die. This lead to the Roots eventually becoming a radical group of druids that would stop at nothing to protect and grow the forest. What happened after is unknown, but when the king of Ungulu, King Freadyn, was slain, his son took over in his stead. Now Prince Freadyn is known as the evil jungle prince and his army of Ungulu half-elves will stop at nothing to kill anything they deem threatening to the woods. Rumours have spread about the evil jungle prince plotting to attack Landsdown.

Not all of Freawind Forest is treacherous and the great kingdom of Drindylan is proof of that. Called the heart of the forest, Drindylan is an open home to all elves. The capital is built on the Drindylan tree, which supports the thousands of residents and the thousand more visitors each month. While woodland races are welcome within the city, many other travelers are sent away miles before they get there. Orcs, goblins and even rude dwarves are turned away or killed upon entering the forest. Drindylan's defences are a mass of well trained, experienced archers situated in neighbouring outposts in trees nearby. When Prince Freadyn's top warrior Farthys led his army to Drindylan, only about half made it to the city proper. The others were shot down by wave after wave of relentless arrows and then there were the trees. Rumour says that the Drindylan tree actually came alive itself and crushed Farthys and his remaining troops. Then and ever since, the forest elves have kept Ungulu’s forces at bay.

Drindylan is well known for its diviners, rare elven enchanters, and some of the last few true practising druids. The city is renowned for some of the best fletchers, with the finest bows, arrows and enchanters readily available for hire. The city also boasts a large shrine to Ehlonna with a spectacular fountain in the middle of the city, magically blessed to draw water from the Drindylan tree.

So why are the inhabitants of Freawind so well armed? Is it fear of their half-breed neighbours? Is it because of the constant undead threat from SwampShadow Vale to the north? Or is it because they worry about Landsdown attacking west like they attacked east so many years ago? The real reason for the defences, and the greatest threat to the entire forest, is vampires.

Deep within the Dusk forest lies countless dens of thirsty bloodsucking vampires. Some say they ventured down from SwampShadow, others say it was Nerull himself who cursed the land. The truth is unknown, but no living creature ventures into Dusk at night. During the day, Dusk is a quiet, rather empty forest with few birds and many dead or dying trees. By night, any living creature unlucky enough to be there is hunted by vampires. The undead creatures even arrange raids on nearby towns and villages and have been rumoured to venture out to Landsdown, hunting for fresh blood.

With the exception of Dusk, the rest of Freawind forest is richly populated with beasts of all sizes. Everything from manticores, chimeras, nymphs, unicorns, and owlbears. In fact, the population of owlbears in recent years has grown out of control, so much so the Freawind Fighters have put a reward of five hundred gold pieces per owlbear head.

The Freawind Fighters are a large band of rangers spread throughout the entirety of Freawind Forest (except the Dusk forest). A mix of both half and true blood elves, they dedicate their lives to protecting the forest from outsiders and maintaining balance within by killing magical beasts. They are said to always be watching and that they can identify every single tree by name.

Lastly, if you are feeling especially lucky, you may stumble upon the Freedom falls, a small but incredible series of waterfalls hidden somewhere within the Freawind Forest. The falls are protected by a band of fairies that ruthlessly hunt down any who chose to bathe in them. So what's the appeal? Well stories say that centuries ago, one human named Jonus Hall dove off the tops of the falls and landed in the shallows below. He escaped the band of fairies and when he returned, he spoke of a golden sprite that granted him any wish he wanted. Children's nursery rhymes speak of his deeds to this day "Jonus hall, who dove the falls… and was rich forever after"