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FrostFire is the northernmost territory in Crownsrock. Its borders now are empty and uncontested, largely because few are interested in the frozen tundra that makes up FrostFire. Those who venture that far north usually do so for good reason. Only experienced and seasoned traders dare to make the trip. Fools do not last long on the tundra. If the cold doesn't kill them, the abundance of yetis, giants or barbarians will. All three are known to quickly cut down traders for their valuables, or even just to boil fat for warmth.

Though Frostfire is home to many inhabitants, one rules the snowy landscape… Teh'Laxorzuxmor, a great old white dragon, otherwise known as Frostbite. The gargantuan beast has ruled the land of FrostFire for centuries. The region itself is named after Frostbite's wicked breath. The dragon's home is a large cave system deep within the Wydem Ridge, the tallest series of mountains in the land. At the foothills of the ridge lies the ice city of Koldun. Its inhabitants are an odd half-breed of dragon. These “dragonborn” are said to have the blood of Frostbite himself running through their veins. The city walls, buildings and even defences are entirely made of sleet, a combination of loose rock and ice. Many explorers and traders stumble upon the city while searching for refuge from the violent storms of FrostFire. Few who make it to the city leave alive.

Fort Gerrard is the safest place in FrostFire. A forced unity has grown between the thieves, fugitives and gypsies inside the battlement walls. Enemies become friends due to the constant threat of barbarians. Many wealthy traders do their business from the Fort and have invested large sums of platinum in protecting the town. The fort is built near the center of the territory with access to Lake Glindin, a river system that connects to all the major waterways in the land and serves as the safest method of travel in and out of FrostFire during the warmer months.

If travellers of FrostFire are especially unfortunate, they will reach the roaming barbarian tent city of WyrmsBait. The barbarian folk do not tolerate any visitors and those who seek shelter there often find themselves as slaves. WyrmsBait moves with each season, following the herds of elk, bison and mammoths. While the barbarian’s strength is rarely outmatched in the frozen deserts of FrostFire, there are still those that can dwarf the nomads.

The UngerBeard are a tribe of frost giants living in the city of Jaxxon, named in honour of their leader Jarl Jax. The city itself is built on a high cliff on the east end of FrostFire. Walls here are built with snow packed so tightly, its strength matches that of stone. The buildings and the castle are made in the same way. While venturing to Jaxxon is a dangerous endeavor, as the giants love to capture and torture others, it can also be quite lucrative. The frost giants are logical, and while their tempers are fierce, they've realized the importance of trade whether it be for steel, oil or magical trinkets.

Outside of FrostFire's cities there is always more danger. The land is filled with other yeti, giants wyrms and lesser dragons. As stated before, it is fairly common knowledge that travelling here is only for the experienced.