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Gorganon can be summarized as the land of mountains. A DunHammer expression translates roughly to "Wherever you are, a staircase to the heavens can be seen". Gorganon is the most northeastern territory on the continent of Crownsrock. It shares some of the colds that FrostFire sees, but its elevation is much lower so the climate is temperate. The three mountain ranges that make up most of the land are the DunHammer, the RocFellow and the BloodTooth.

With the mountains come a vast system of caves, tunnels and underground cities; and with those, come dwarves. The DunHammer mountain range is home to the largest dwarf populations. Named after the mountain, their largest city is a bustling metropolis of subterranean craftsmanship and trade. The DunHammer tunnels stretch across much of the mountain range and are mostly used for mining expeditions. Though the city of DunHammer is easy enough to find, its defences are strong, well-built and extensive, for the dwarves are not the only creatures in Gorganon.

The RocFellow mountain range is quite different than that of DunHammer. Its tunnels weave in and out like a maze, but deep within them lies the city of RocFellow, a primarily gnome city also named after the mountain it resides in. RocFellow, like DunHammer, is a mining town, however the gnomes are more interested in gems and magical trinkets than ore. Should you find yourself in one city, you could take The Underpass to get to the other. It is a long passage that connects both friendly cultures, but be warned: Only a certain few deviate from its path and venture outside into the cave system. An inexperienced traveller could be lost and eaten by a variety of creatures, but some dare the trek because the tunnels below their city are said to connect to the Underdark, a world of svirfneblin, duergar and drow.

The BloodTooth mountain range acquired its name from the iron rich water that leaks from small waterfalls near the top. When exposed to air, it appears as if the mountain is bleeding and that should be warning enough to anyone travelling there.

The surface of these mountains is home to a variety of orc, goblin, troll, ogre, bugbear and hobgoblin tribes. Underground is far worse. It is told that the darkest and most vile of creatures reside there. Many believe that below the surface of BloodTooth resides the great wyrm KingKiller. Some say that red dragon himself was responsible for the Salts (a waste land area east of the mountain range). He grew tired of humans disturbing his slumber and ravaged the landscape until reaching the coast. Truth or legend, no creature in all of Gorganon dare step in the BloodTooth tunnels.

While the mountains of Gorganon make up much of the province, there is still much that happens on the surface. Most of the land is dry red rock, but it can be used for some farming. Many tribes of creatures battle for superiority here. The biggest surface city would be the goblinoid city of Barkstig. It remains the most civilized of the goblinoid cities, but that isn't saying much. Hourly fights break out on every corner of Barkstig. There are few laws, though it is a city rule that if a weapon is drawn, a life must be taken. Halflings and gnomes are strictly forbidden in Barkstig, though it's probably for their own benefit. Dwarves often make the trip in groups and other races are only allowed if they pay one hundred gold pieces a head (which could probably be talked down to one gold piece if you can intimidate the guards).

Lastly Gorganon's pride: The famous gnome alchemist Jarbrick. Jarbrick is said to be two hundred and fifty years old. Nobody understands how he's managed to live so long. His tower sits about ten miles west of Barkstig in an obelisk about ten floors high. Few make the trip to go see him, unless they have good reason. Jarbrick rarely makes an appearance and when he does, it's often bad news. Jarbrick earned his fame by combining a Gorgon and a Minotaur. He called it a Gorganaur, which is where Gorganon got its name.