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Landsdown is the central most region in Crownsrock and has the same name as the largest metropolis in the land. Considered a kingdom on most of the continent, it is the smallest geographically while boasting the largest population. Due to its wide array of races and creatures, it's not uncommon to see a satyr blacksmith or a hobgoblin tanner within its borders. Outside of the cities, Landsdown is a fairly safe area. Most foul beasts are often removed by the many adventurers in the area or by the King's will. Large farming communities make up most of the land, along with some scattered forests and hills. The cities within the kingdom of Landsdown have prospered because of the river systems that connect to many of the outlying territories.

The actual city of Landsdown is massive. With over nineteen different districts, anything can be found there. Naturally, with the large population and the vast array of races, very strict rules have been set in place. The King's guard constantly patrol the streets, each of which must pass a rigorous regimen of tests and battles to be considered. They are all equipped with fine weapons and armour, often with various enchantments from the Open Eye Mages of Landsdown. Even when no guards in sight, the streets are said to be watched by fiercely territorial gangs. With all these wards in place, still the streets of Landsdown often see brawls and skirmishes

King Regitous has ruled over Landsdown for twenty years. The claim of royalty was self-imposed generations before him, and few other regions recognize the title, but even fewer question Regitous’s power. His rule has included the conquering of the Landsdown barbarians and The King's Coast. Recently however a plague is said to have beset him. Some of his most loyal advisers are now said to be missing and his private council has been disassembled. Some fear a war is brewing with Meridian, others fear the sinister work of the Great Dread Knell from SwampShadow Vale. The most disturbing rumors are from Zandercast which lies within Landsdown borders, where children seem to be disappearing almost daily.

South of Landsdown city lies the small, floating community of MoonCrest. Mooncrest is a mass of land that floats about a mile above the ground, seemingly held in place by giant chains. The city is host to the most prestigious schools of wizardry on the continent, perhaps the globe. Practising necromancy is strictly banned on the floating island, and since the incident in the year of four hundred and four, practising transmutation requires a permit. Getting to Mooncrest is a challenge, forcing average folk to avoid the city altogether. There are ways to gain access though, and those who do will find some of the finest arcane casters in Crownsrock.

East of Landsdown city is the small town of Skrimwell, its most notable feature is the trade route that it sits on. Skrimwell is connected directly to the outlying towns and villages within Gorganon and thus has proximity to the iron and copper that is mined in the mountains. Skrimwell's traders often pick up the goods at a bulk price and distribute them out to other regions. Other than its large market and established traders, Skrimwell also boasts some of the best blacksmiths (though the dwarves of DunHammer would certainly argue that point).

Zandercast was once a citadel created by Zander, a powerful wizard who ruled over Landsdown generations ago, one of history’s great villains. Legends state say that as he neared his end, he etched a summoning circle in his tower and brought forth a powerful demon from the Abyss, thinking to distract his attackers. He erred. The payoff must be great for chaotic monsters hold allegiances. The monster betrayed him, killing Zander and hundreds, if not thousands more as it tore through the land. For a time the ruins of the citadel lay vacant as many feared the demon would return, but it wasn't too long until a group of halflings moved in, looking for the riches the compound might hold, and they were fortunate to do so. Since then, Zandercast has developed into a wealthy and broad halfling community, renowned for its magical trinkets and also for its mounts. The halflings raise some of the strongest ponies and horses, mounts that are faster, stronger, and of course, more expensive than anywhere else in Crownsrock. Outside of the cities, small hamlets and towns cover the countryside of Landsdown. With such an immense population, the Lords of Landsdown and King Regitous are some of the most powerful figures on the northern continent.