Plains of Meridian

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The Plains of Meridian, known also as the flatlands or the blessed kingdom, is one of the most prosperous regions in Crownsrock. Its territory and borders are constantly patrolled by a group known only as The Horsemen. Its seemingly endless fields are a wealth of vegetables, flowers and hops. Meridian shares a border with almost every other region, yet manages to maintain peace despite being surrounded on all sides. One of the largest cities in Meridian is the holy city of Benote.

The city of Florintide is led by Lord Jordian, ruler of Meridian. Jordian also claims to be the true King of Landsdown, claiming that King Regitous is no longer himself, a slave to dark magics and that he (his younger brother) should wear the Kingdom's Crown. Florintide is populated by those who call themselves "Loyalists", loyal to the true King, King Jordian. Their symbol is a giant clenched fist, which is proudly paraded around town. Mentioning fealty to Regitous around the Loyalists of Florintide will get you beaten, bruised or even killed. In recent years the city has become a giant war machine.

Traders who have been through the city speak of a giant army mobilizing. Gypsies in the north have talked of giant iron shipments from Gorganon and bards sing songs of wood from Freawind being carried through Meridian. The recent uprising has resulted in an industrious boon for Florintide. With all the raw materials being shipped in, blacksmiths, whitesmiths and rare weapons collectors have flocked to the city. Magic armours, helms and trinkets also have found their way to Florintide, and with all of the supply, the prices of such items have become quite competitive. Exotic items, such as spider silk, dark iron and even mithril, can be found at the Florintide Marketplace.

Darun (Da-Roon) is a small quiet town just west of the Meridian Marsh and north of the Santiso River. It's a walled town with only a thousand or so inhabitants, all of which are monks. Darun is a fully functional town, filled with everything you would find in a normal town, but all of its business is operated by the five monasteries within. Each monastery has its own beliefs and disciplines, yet all five have come to a common understanding in Darun. They each perform a different function. The clean streets and well maintained structures of Darun speak to the discipline and respect the monks have for their town.

The five monasteries are as follows:

Bromiethuim - The humble Bromiethuim monks believe in brotherhood, strength in numbers and serving a greater power of good. The Bromiethuim monks often spend their days practising their arts, hand to hand combat, and worship.

Flo'Borin - The Flo'Borin monks dedicate their lives to mental focus, believing the mind is key to unlocking the unknown. The Flo'Borin spend their days practising mental arts. This is interpreted as academics like tactics, history and philosophy, but some say that the secretive -monks have harnessed powers like telepathy.

Umigotin - Umigotin believe that man is flawed and can only be made whole by supplementing daily with drugs and other narcotics. The Umigotin are always under the influence of alcohol and practise their fighting while doing harsh stimulants like Orc's Toe.

Dandinine - The Dandinine monks believe only in strength and that weakness should be eliminated. They practise mostly with weapons and do not show the same respect or honour that the other monasteries do. The Dandinine are often at ends with the Bromiethuim monks.

Qi - The Qi are a strange group of monks who primarily believe in fate and neutrality. They often stay out of affairs unless they deem fate has chosen them to become involved. They spend most of their time mixing solvents and are known to fight with deadly poisons.

Elk Tail is the third largest city in Meridian. Its walls are massive wooden pikes and its buildings almost all tents. Elk Tail's population is almost completely centaurs. The city, founded before any other, is filled with Centaur tradition, history and memorials. The centaurs are sworn keepers of Meridian, vowing to protect the land at all costs and swearing allegiance to Lord Jordian. Elk Tail is known for its reagents, solvents, herbal ingredients, and its tribal weapons such as the Centaur Star, a massive three headed flail. Most of all, centaurs are known for their powerful tribal tattoos that are said to give strength, clarity and wisdom to those who seek them.

The flatlands of Meridian are home to many more than those in cities. Being the largest territory in Crownsrock, Meridian is host to hundreds of various ruins, obelisks and ancient rundown cities. Powerful magics, ancient artifacts and vile creatures live within these ruins. Some of which have been quelled by the Horsemen, others by heroes from Florintide, but most sit… waiting for the next unsuspecting visitor.