Swords of The Nine

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FrostFire  Think Icewind Dale - Mountainous Tundra full of nomads, tribal cities, yeti, giants and barbarians. (Northern most kingdom)
Gorganon Mountainous land full of caves and tunnels. Mostly Giants, Orcs, Gnolls, Dwarves and Gnomes
SwampShadow Veil A land where the sun never shines. Full of mysterious dark magics, undead, cast-a-ways, prisoners, witches, goblins.
Plains of Meridian Think Rohan. Open plains, grassy hills. Populated with scattered towns and farming villages.  Home to many halflings, humans and centaurs.
The King's Coast Think Maritimes. The southern most Kingdom has a giant inlet sea used mostly for fishing, but also for fast travel through the Kingdoms via the Rockcliff River. Composed of mostly humans, and hobgoblins but home to many old ancient dungeons. 
FreaWind Forest A Kingdom mostly covered in trees but with many different explorable areas. Temperate, Tropical and even Dead forests can be found here. This is home to elves, half-elves, pixies, Satyrs 
Landsdown This is the most central Kingdom and thus is populated with a mixture of every race (not many elves though). The biggest cities in all the land are located here, as well as much of the wealth. 
The Salts This land was destroyed many years ago. Many stories are told about how it was destroyed but there is also much unknown about it. The land itself is said to be only deserts where no sun ever shines and the wind never stops. There are no known inhabitants here. 
Kar A Mysterious Island originally from the old world however it has since moved.