The King's Coast

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The King's Coast, named after the late King McVahge, is a long narrow province occupying the east and south coasts. Originally it was a kingdom occupied by a group of humans and halflings called the Dythan; a simple folk, who cared for nothing else other than strong rum, family and fishing. These strong and simple values attracted immigrants seeking a quieter life. Over the years, King Regitous saw these laid back people as weak and sent his army to conquer their lands. King McVahge was slain in the attack and the Dythan people have never recovered. Today the King's Coast is considered a province to the kingdom of Landsdown. McVahge's son (King McVahge II) has taken leadership of this province, and though his people are loyal to him, his family name no longer carries the illustrious weight it once had.

Midland was once was a prosperous trading community within the King's Coast. Its markets were packed with fresh food and fish. After the war, many of the merchants opted to move to Landsdown City or Skrimwell. Today Midland serves as a breeding ground for thieves, slumlords and pickpockets. The biggest draws are the annual Jacks tournament (a similar game to poker) and the duel grounds. Honour is a strange thing in Midland. Stabbing someone in the back then taking their coin purse is common place, but if you insult a man's integrity, it is followed by a challenge to duel. Turning down a duel tarnishes any name and forever results in the title of coward.

The King’s Harbour is a large town located on the Serpent's Sea and serves as a popular visiting site for sailors and fisherman alike. The port hosts hundreds of boats. You can expect to see everything from sea elves to sahuagin here, but most of the population is still human and halflings (halflings are typically not very excited to see water but thoroughly enjoy sitting around waiting for fish to bite). The town itself is fairly well managed and has a decently armed barracks to protect from pirates and raids. Its most popular bar, 'The Iron Anchor', draws large crowds when ships from Aberdon, Borland or Kelemere dock.

Along the coast one can expect to find many lighthouses, built every few miles. One of which is known as the Laughing Rogue and serves as a church to Olidammara, god of music, revels, wine, rogues humour and tricks. The Laughing Rogue has monthly festivals and celebrations, but it is also the headquarters of the rival thieves’ guild to The BlackHand Gang. Unlike those criminals in DaggerBack, the Shadows of Justice serve a higher purpose. If you have a wrong that needs to be righted outside of the law, the Laughing Rogue is where you should go.

If one is lucky enough to breathe water, you could venture to the great Merfolk city of Scobeum situated about twenty miles north of the King’s Cross (where the late King lies) and ten miles into the sea. This city serves an epicentre for selkie, skum, merfolk and other underwater races. Mention of the sahuagin will likely get you killed there. The races of water loathe the sahuagin and their mutant leader known only as Clicker. Not much else is known about the city as rarely do land dwellers make it there.

With a boat, and some luck, one might be able to find the ancient Island of Kar. Sailors exchange stories about seeing the island, but none are foolish enough to get close. One fisherman's tale says two brothers found the island while shark fishing. One brother took half his crew to the island while the other remained. After reaching the island, it's said that a fog swallowed his ship whole, and they were never seen again.

The King's Coast is also home to one of the oldest wyrms on the eastern hemisphere. Xan'Thurkik'Ljlidan, known as Jonah, is a sea dragon rumoured to bring good luck to anyone who is fortunate enough to see him. However, the bronze dragon hasn't been sighted in over two hundred years.