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  1. Players can use Inspiration to reroll
  2. Players can delay initative
  3. Critical misses -> An enemy can use a reaction to attack you
  4. Players roll death rolls in secret and are not allowed to announce their total
  5. Inspiration points can be used for story - ie. "This guard is an old friend of mine", "I know a good trader in this town"
  6. Roll Stealth only when the DM asks. You can say your being stealthy but only need to roll if the DM asks.
  7. Whenever you reach 0hp you take a level of exhaustion
  8. The DM can force the confirmation of Critical Failures.
  9. 20s automatically hit/succeed. 1s automatically fail with few exceptions.
  10. Bringing back the bloodied mechanic from 4e.
  11. Dragonborn breath weapon becomes a bonus action
  12. On rolls of a 20/1 on initiative are auto go-first, go-last
  13. The minor racial stat bonus can be applied to any stat.
  14. When you use the Help action to aid another character in a task, you must have proficiency in that Skill.
  15. You can attune to a number of magical items equal to your proficiency bonus.
  16. Triple 20s are insta-kills

Rules not yet passed[edit]

  1. All critical hits cause a lingering injury
  2. Drinking a potion is a bonus action
  3. Players can select an extra language/skill profieciency per intell bonus